Treasure Hunters now available in 3 new countries

C'est parti ! Vamos! We are now present in France, Brazil and Mexico. New countries mean new features in the game.

Indeed, we noticed that the "luck" factor was still too present in the game and could frustrate the players. That's why we decided to implement a brand new hunting system based on progression and collecting pieces of cards. The goal is very simple, you have to collect pieces of cards by opening chests to win the big prize. Players are guaranteed to win once they have found the right number of card pieces.

Another new feature is the addition of sounds and background music in the game to make the user experience more pleasant. The addition of sounds brings a real dynamism to the different actions to be done in the game such as opening chests, activating items or earning coins.

Nice surprises and new countries openings are planned for 2022 and will be announced in a future news.