It's been 3 months since we launched Treasure Hunters in the US! Time is flying by and we continue to improve the game daily.

The first two months were pretty quiet with a steady number of new players as the weeks went by. November is over and what a month it was for us! We can say that this last month was rich in new players! Indeed, our daily downloads have increased by 8 times in the best days. Thousands of American players are now going on treasure hunts all over the country. 

That's why we decided to ride this wave in order to continue the progression of the number of downloads and why not aim for a top 100 adventure game in the USA ranking. We are currently in 236th position on the Google Play Store.

Finally, we are well advanced on the launch in new countries planned for December. Other new features will also be included in the new update that will arrive at the same time. Thanks for your support and see you soon for new adventures!

The Treasure Hunters Team